Identifying and replacing an out-of-date roof is paramount to ensuring your home is safe and secure. In order to replace roofs effortlessly on existing buildings, LIBERTY works closely with contractors, property managers, and owners. We maintain excellent long-lasting relationships with our clients in the tri-county area, allowing us to work seamlessly with all parties involved. You can find out more about roof inspections or request one for free. Check out our roof inspection page for more information.


As storms bring heavy rain and strong winds, South Florida’s tropical climate is prone to leaks, wind damage, and rotten surfaces. In many cases, these issues can be prevented or solved through proper maintenance.  Get your residential or commercial roof inspected by our expert contractors and make all the necessary repairs to prevent a costly replacement in the future. It is recommended that you repair a leaking roof only if the following conditions are met: There are no more than 20 years of age on the roof, There have not been more than two previous roof repairs.


A free roof inspection from LIBERTY can be arranged to advise property owners on their roof’s current condition. Upon arrival, we thoroughly inspect your existing roofing system and provide you with a free estimate for any work that needs to be performed. To help you understand what needs to be improved, we take photos in support of our recommendations. LIBERTY can help you with any repair or replacement you need. Send us a request for an inspection and we will dispatch a specialist as soon as possible.